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It takes time to build a strong position in the industrial sector. It is years of hard work based on thorough market analysis, business relations and trust. The MTP Group, which has been organizing industrial trade shows for several decades, has created a world trend hub for this sector in Poznań. The year 2020 will see the ninety-second edition of the event. Partners do recognize many years of experience. Add : Anna Woińska | 10.12.2019 fair, poznan, poland, machines, robots, MACH-TOOL, METALFORUM, SURFEX, WELDING, 2020, ITM INDUSTRY EUROPE

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1st British-Polish IT Forum

Announcing 1st British - Polish IT Forum. This forum provides British and Polish companies with an opportunity to talk about their experiences in working together using Information Technology. Add : Joanna Kobalczyk | 13.11.2018 IT/ICT, AI, VR, healthcare, smart cities, imaging, games, FinTech, insurance

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SALMED 2018 - International Trade Fair of Medical Equipment and Instruments – the most anticipated event for the medical industry in 2018 Add : Bartłomiej Druziński | 15.12.2017 SALMED 2018

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The largest industrial event in Poland and Central-Eastern Europe – a block of trade shows consisting of ITM Poland, SUBCONTRACTING, FOCAST, 3D SOLUTIONS and MODERNLOG, where people, things and machines seem to become one cooperative whole. The industrial meetings in June will engage you in the world of 4.0 Industry. Add : Bartłomiej Druziński | 15.12.2017 TOWARDS 4.0 INDUSTRY

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International Security Exhibition SECUREX , Instalacje, SAWO, Green Power, Ex...

The International Security Exhibition SECUREX will take place together with the Digital Technology Forum POZNAŃ MEDIA EXPO Add : Bartłomiej Druziński | 15.12.2017 International Security Exhibition SECUREX

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Logistics Warehouse INTRALOMAG Trade is a quite new event in the calendar of Lodz International Fair dedicated to the industry of internal warehouse logistics, transport and investments in logistics centers. Add : Bartłomiej Druziński | 06.11.2017 INTRALOMAG

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International Garden and Landscape Architecture Fair GARDENIA

International Garden and Landscape Architecture Fair GARDENIA will take place in Poznan, Poland from 22th to 24th of February 2018. Add : Bartłomiej Druziński | 06.11.2017 International Garden and Landscape Architecture Fair GARDENIA

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Be welcome to join us at the first edition of an event dedicated to bonding in the industry - Bonding Technology Fair ExpoBONDING that will take place on 21-22 November 2017 in Expo Silesia Conference and Exhibition Centre in Sosnowiec. Add : Bartłomiej Druziński | 27.10.2017 ExpoBONDING Fair

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ExpoOPAKOWANIA Packaging Fair

ExpoOPAKOWANIA Packaging Fair is a new formula of an event dedicated to key production technologies used in the industry. It will be a perfect opportunity to meet with board members, CEO's of companies focused on production, assembly of production lines, maintenance, labeling and measuring as well as investors and service providers. Add : Bartłomiej Druziński | 27.10.2017 ExpoOPAKOWANIA Packaging Fair

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BIOcontracting Exhibition 2018

Across Europe, the popularity of eco-friendly lifestyle is increasing. We are convinced that following the organic trends, it is not just a fashion, but for everyone who thinks about future prospects, it becomes a necessity. Add : Bartłomiej Druziński | 06.10.2017 BIOcontracting 2018

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DRONETECH Brokerage Event

DRONETECH Brokerage Event - the centre of DRONES for professional and individual passionates as well as the common platform for presenting the latest trends in DRONE TECHNOLOGIES and their use for multiple civilian and commercial purposes. Add : Bartłomiej Druziński | 25.08.2017 DRONETECH Brokerage Event

artykuł nr 11 PL

XVI International Zoological Fair

On 15- 17 September in Lodz will be held XVI International Zoological Fair. PET FAIR is one of the largest and most important event of zoological branch in Poland. Add : Bartłomiej Druziński | 17.08.2017 XVI International Zoological Fair

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KOMINKI International Fireplaces Exhibition

Poland’s only fair event where real fire is used thanks to fireplaces fumes exhaust installation Add : Bartłomiej Druziński | 17.08.2017 KOMINKI International Fireplaces Exhibition

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International Construction and Architecture Fair BUDMA

BUDMA is the most important branch event in Central- Eastern Europe, where producers and distributors from dozens of countries present their products for construction industry. The fair is dedicated to the four major groups of visitors: architects, contractors, traders and property developers. Add : Bartłomiej Druziński | 17.08.2017 International Construction and Architecture Fair BUDMA

artykuł nr 14 PL

International Trade Fair Fast Textile

This is my pleasure to invite Your company to participate in the fourth edition of the International Trade Fair Fast Textile. The trade fair will be held from 16th to 18th of November 2017 in Ptak Warsaw Expo (Poland). Add : Bartłomiej Druziński | 24.07.2017 International Trade Fair Fast Textile

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International Trade Fair of Environmental Protection POL-ECO SYSTEM

International Trade Fair of Environmental Protection POL-ECO SYSTEM - 17 to 19 October 2017, Poznań Add : Bartłomiej Druziński | 12.07.2017 International Trade Fair of Environmental Protection POL-ECO SYSTEM

artykuł nr 16 PL

Polish Tech Day 2017

What will be the consequences of Brexit for the business relations between Poland and UK? What is the future of British financial sector and what can it learn from Polish pioneers of digital banking? How are the professional opportunities in CEE changing? You’ll learn the answers to these questions at Polish Tech Day in London! Add : Bartłomiej Druziński | 06.06.2017 Polish Tech Day 2017, Google,

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Flower Expo Poland 2017

The second edition of Flower Expo Poland takes place from August 31st till September 2nd in Expo XXI, Warsaw, Poland. The trade show will be organized together with GREEN IS LIFE, the gardening exhibition. Add : Bartłomiej Druziński | 15.05.2017 Flower Expo Poland 2017

artykuł nr 18 PL

POLAGRA FOOD International Trade Fair For Food

From 23rd till 28th of September 2017 at Poznań International Fair in Poznań, Poland will be held the next edition of the most comprehensive in Central - Eastern Europe event dedicated for food, catering and hospitality industry including the following exhibitions Add : Bartłomiej Druziński | 24.04.2017 POLAGRA FOOD International Trade Fair For Food

artykuł nr 19 PL

Pomeranian Offshore Networking Platform

Pomeranian Offshore Networking Platform - The event is organized in cooperation with local authorities and supported by branch partners. The goal of the event is to stimulate the local companies for offshore business direction, to inspire and to help strengthen the network of regional companies. Add : Bartłomiej Druziński | 24.04.2017 Pomeranian Offshore Networking Platform

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