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Polish outsourcing centers with more employees

Wyślij Print Pobierz added: | 2015-04-16 12:35:42

Polish outsourcing centers with more employees

Poland's business services sector, also known as the outsourcing market, has been developing for the past ten years at a very dynamic rate. The average annual growth of employment in outsourcing centers amounts to some 20%. In the period, Poland has achieved a strong position on the outsourcing services market.

Polish business support centers have become the best in the region. Poland is competing for projects not only with neighboring countries, but also with rivals located in Asia and South America. The chief competitive advantages of Polish centers are high quality of services, cultural closeness to Western Europe and the US as well as smaller time differences.

Thanks to the dynamic development of the sector, the number of its employees has risen to over 150k, while the number of centers hit the neighborhood of 650. The average employment of a single center reaches 228 staff. One of the centers provides services in as many as 30 languages.

Outsourcing employment to grow by some 20k this year

Employment in outsourcing should grow by some 20% a year in the next few years, Polish information and foreign investments agency PAIiIZ deputy head Monika Piatkowska told PAP in February. In 2015, the number of employees in the sector should grow by 20k to 170k, Piatkowska said.


“Taking into account that currently 150k employees work in the sector, a 20% annual growth in the next few years means very concrete, big numbers. This means very good jobs for young educated Poles – IT specialists, accountants, designers,” she said.

Big university cities such as Cracow, Warsaw and Wroclaw are the main locations for business process outsourcing centers, PAIiIZ official stressed. But also medium-sized urban areas are becoming increasingly popular as locations for smaller outsourcing centers.

Poles' considerable advantage are their language skills, according to Piatkowska.

“It turns out that CEE citizens, above all the Polish ones, speak more foreign languages than Indians, including languages considered exotic on other continents. To illustrate, Poland's outsourcing centers currently provide services to companies in 40 various languages. Polish centers are also beginning to achieve a high degree of specialization, offering services in  languages other than English, as well as optimal labor costs,” she noted.

Poland finds perfect niche in business services

PAIiIZ plans to provide strong support for the sector’s development in the next few years, Piatkowska told PAP.

“A few years ago, there emerged concerns that interest in simple outsourcing services in Poland will run out quickly and that the centers will move east. But as it turns out, we managed to find a niche. Poland has benefitted from growing demand for more refined outsourcing services. We have invested in HR and created a tailor-cut offer for companies from advanced business services sector. Apart from new enterprises which plan to invest in Poland, also those already present in the country want to raise employment,” she stressed.

Big global groups were the ones to give the start to outsourcing popularity in Poland, but more and more Polish companies are joining in, according to the official.

“While 120k employees, the majority of 150k total staff, work for big western concerns, as many as 30k work for Polish firms. Also, Poles are beginning to set up their own outsourcing centers,” Piatkowska said.


Source: Ministry of Treasury

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