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Investments in the Polish chemicals industry

Wyślij Print Pobierz added: | 2014-11-12 13:14:07

Investments in the Polish chemicals industry

Polish chemicals and petrochemicals segment are preparing major investment projects worth many billions of zloty. Listed concern Grupa Azoty presented ambitious plans, but also fuel group PKN Orlen and Synthos chemicals plan investments – above all in strengthening market position and increasing production capacities.

Azoty set to invest PLN 7 bln by 2020

Grupa Azoty plans investment outlays related to organic development at PLN 7 bln by 2020. In addition, the company announced acquisitions of European firms and is analyzing 10 potential targets at the moment, Azoty representatives said at a press conference in mid-August.

The concern is conducting and considering a total of 68 investment projects.

Among the key ventures, Azoty names the New Plastics project, coking gas, power plant Pulawy and phosphorites mine in Senegal, in which the group bought a stake in August last year.

Moreover, in December 2013 Grupa Azoty signed a deal with Lotos fuels on joint construction of a petrochemicals complex. The complex is to be located at the existing facilities of Lotos and Azoty. The construction is planned for 2016-2018 and the complex could be launched in 2019, the companies said.

The value of the investment is estimated at some PLN 12 bln. The partners have already signed a preliminary accord with state investment support scheme Polskie Inwestycje Rozwojowe (PIR) as a potential financial investor.

PKN Orlen fuels planning metathesis facility

Blue-chip refining and petrochemicals group PKN Orlen plans to build a metathesis facility at its main plant in Plock by 2017. The project constitutes the first stage of one of the key petrochemical investments which is to raise propylene production of the group to 550k tons a year, Orlen said in late August.

Propylene under normal conditions is a colorless combustible gas, insoluble in water, heavier than air. The chemical reaction of metathesis yields high-quality polymer propylene, used for, among others, production of polypropylene which, in turn, is utilized in production of e.g. household goods, containers and plastics insulation articles.

In the next four years, PKN Orlen plans to allocate PLN 1.6 bln to the realization of the key investment projects in the petrochemicals area, the company stressed.

The fuels concern earmarked a total amount of PLN 10.8 bln for investments in the development of individual segments of activity in its updated 2014-2017 strategy, Orlen said by the end of July.

Synthos enters US and Brazil

Synthos, one of the global leaders in the field of synthetic rubber production, plans to enter the US market by acquiring a local company.

“If the transaction takes place, it will be closed yet this year,” Synthos board member Tomasz Piec said at the PetroBiznes forum in early October.

Part of this acquisition involves a product with a global character, which will add a very interesting segment to Synthos's portfolio, but only in the local scale, CEO Tomasz Kalwat said.

The company to be taken over by Synthos is located in a chemicals complex in Texas. The firm's representatives had signalled earlier that North America seems to be an attractive direction for Synthos. Apart from the US investment, the company also plans to invest in rubber production in Brazil.

Synthos plans to build a plant for polybutadiene production based on neodymium catalyst in Brazil's Rio Grande do Sul for USD 170 mln.

Rubber production is to be based on a license obtained from Michelin. Synthos signed a conditional accord with tire makers Michelin and Pirelli for the supply of NdBR rubbers to the concerns' facilities in Brazil.

Synthos has signed contracts for the sale of 40-45% of the future plant's output, the firm's CEO said at the beginning of October.


Source: Ministry of Treasury of The Republic of Poland

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