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SHIELD.BIKE Bikes tracking system. Your shield for your bike protection against thief Add : Bartłomiej Druziński | 06.10.2017 SHIELD.BIKE

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We are the biggest flagpole manufacturer in Poland. You can find our flagpoles both nationwide and all across Europe. Add : Bartłomiej Druziński | 28.09.2017 AGRA FLAGPOLES AND FLAGS

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Zagroda is producer and exporter of agricultural machines and municipal equipment. Add : Bartłomiej Druziński | 26.09.2017 Zagroda,

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Lubaczów - Investment Offer

Lubaczów City with its district is an economic centre of the region. Industry and agriculture are characteristic and dominating features. Location in borderland with Ukraine allows for strict and friendly cooperation to expand widley on western markets, making it „the gate to east” in the same time. The location In the nearest environment of III Paneurope Transport Corridor (motorway A4) makes it easy to commute between eastern and western Europe. Add : Bartłomiej Druziński | 12.07.2017 Lubaczów

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Seko sp z o.o.

Seko sp z o.o. is a well known company that has been specialized for over 20 years in the production of windows & doors from PVC and aluminum. Add : Bartłomiej Druziński | 05.07.2017 Seko sp z o.o.

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Comarch Technologies – a technology wing of Comarch – provides comprehensive end-to-end solutions combining HW & SW following the highest industry standards in safety and security. We offer services for IoT, connected car, mobile software development, interoperability and cyber security. Add : Bartłomiej Druziński | 05.07.2017 COMARCH TECHNOLOGIES

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KRD Economic Information Bureau

KRD Economic Information Bureau is the largest platform of economic information exchange in Poland. Add : Bartłomiej Druziński | 23.06.2017 KRD, Economic Information Bureau, Krajowy Rejestr Długów BIG SA

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ICG - International Consulting Group

Our lawyers offer legal help in scope of debt collection in Poland as well in other European countries. At present we operate permanently in 50 countries by way of 76 Offices around the world. Add : Bartłomiej Druziński | 21.06.2017 ICG - International Consulting Group

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Sense and Body Sp. z o.o.

Sense and Body Company was brought into being at the beginning of 1997 Add : Bartłomiej Druziński | 21.06.2017 Sense and Body Sp. z o.o.

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Polish Fashion Show

Search for Clothing, Footwear and Leather Goods with a "Polish Fashion" Tag! Add : Bartłomiej Druziński | 06.06.2017 Polish Fashion Show, Polish Fashion Programme

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Drawsko Pomorskie investment offer

Drawsko Pomorskie is located in the south-eastern part of the West is a city and county that could be a proud tourist values. Beautiful surroundings, forests and lakes are beautiful strengths of our community. In the economy of the municipality is dominated by agriculture, services, and wood industry. Add : Bartłomiej Druziński | 15.05.2017 Drawsko Pomorskie

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Investment offer

Office building with a usable floor space of 688 m2 in a great location on Witosa Street in Rzeszow. The building is situated along the busy street, which makes it a very representative. The building is being under construction. Completion of the works is planned for July 2017. Add : Bartłomiej Druziński | 31.03.2017 Witosa Street in Rzeszow

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CALL FOR COOPERATION PROPOSALS - Bioenergy Farm Stanowice Sp. z o.o

The Administrator of Bioenergy Farm Stanowice Sp. z o.o. w restrukturyzacji calls for cooperation proposals regarding the use of a biomass power plant with a thermal capacity of 4.6 MW and a power generation capacity of 0.9 MW as well as a low-temperature belt dryer. Add : Bartłomiej Druziński | 21.03.2017 Bioenergy Farm Stanowice Sp. z o.o

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Subzone Puławy SEZ Starachowice

Subzone Puławy SEZ Starachowice Add : Bartłomiej Druziński | 13.02.2017 investment, Subzone Puławy SEZ Starachowice

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From the 1992 year, the bioArcus company offers an effective technologies of wastewater treatment and air odor nuisance treatment. Add : Bartłomiej Druziński | 02.02.2017 bioArcus, bioexpert, wastewater treatment

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Ente Ltd

Ente Ltd. was founded in 2000 in Gliwice, in the south part of Poland. We are a design and manufacturing company. We design systems, equipment and software in the field of electronics, IT and automation Add : Bartłomiej Druziński | 02.12.2016 Ente Ltd

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FLOSLEK Cosmetic Laboratory

FLOSLEK Cosmetic Laboratory was established in 1994. In the beginning, the company produced two products and employed two people. Since then the company has developed and has changed its product offer. Today FLOSLEK employs over 100 people. The offer includes over 300 cosmetics of various categories forming over a dozen of beauty care lines. Add : Bartłomiej Druziński | 02.12.2016 FLOSLEK Cosmetic Laboratory

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Koronea Group

Koronea Group is active in two sectors. ZPUE is the leader in advanced solutions and the production of power engineering products. Stolbud is a window and doors manufacturer. Add : Bartłomiej Druziński | 28.11.2016 Koronea Group, Stolbud

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Igoria Trade SA

Igoria Trade SA is a company listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange (New Connect) and has licensed the European Paying Authority, regulated by the Financial Supervision Authority, which guarantees safety. The company cooperates with over 40 banks in Poland and abroad, which guarantees quickness and liquidity. Add : Bartłomiej Druziński | 28.10.2016 Igoria Trade SA

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SPEDITION.LOGISTICS.WAREHOUSING Add : Bartłomiej Druziński | 31.08.2016 Multicco spedition

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