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Magic Fruits

Wyślij Print Pobierz added: Bartłomiej Druziński | 2017-11-13 13:48:01
magic fruits

We are producers of fresh fruit and Belgian chocolate desserts

We are producers of fresh fruit and Belgian chocolate desserts. We supply individual customers, businesses, shops and restaurants. What we offer? A hit from our offer, which will guarantee you an unforgettable taste experience- Caramel Apple and Toffee Apple. What is Toffee Apple? It is a courageous and uncompromising combination of fresh, juicy apples, delicious toppings of handmade toffee, various crushed nuts or crunchy crisps and Belgian chocolate. Effect? Unforgettable taste and endless joy of every bite! We’ve combined fresh apples with handmade toffee and delicious Belgian chocolate into one incredibly good dessert. We use only the best and delicious ingredients. Our products based on fresh fruits without thermal processing so Toffee Apples remain their goodness and nutritional values. Our Caramel Apples are great birthday or Christmas gifts. You can get them with groundnuts or crunchy and delicious milk, black or white chocolate. Toffee Apple is a candy gift that can be shared with the whole family. You can slice our apples up and share with everyone. Caramel Apples are the perfect and healthy gift in any occasion. In addition to the unusual taste of Toffee Apples they are also beautifully made. Each of our desserts is handmade. Elegant and impressive packaging of decorative cellophane and ribbons make a great impression on our clients . Sounds delicious? We assure you that no words can describe how amazing and unique our desserts are! Every day we deliver our products to shops, pastry shops and food outlets. We do our best to bring the highest quality products and unique taste to our customers. Our team is a group of sweet enthusiasts who devote themselves to creating desserts with a surprising and unforgettable taste. We are delighted to be able to boast of an extremely wide group of customers sharing our love for ours sweetness!

Enjoy a magical journey through the world of delicious chocolate and fresh fruit. Try Toffee Apple!


Contact details:

Manufaktura Owoców w Czekoladzie Magic Fruits Tomasz Piernicki

ul. Czyżewskiego 6/1

80-336 Gdańsk

Contact person: Tomasz Piernicki

tel. +48 58 350 00 29



Magic Fruits Catalog
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