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cosmetics, health and beauty, cosmetics manufacturer

BINGOSPA is a Polish cosmetics manufacturer and importer of cosmetic ingredients.

BINGOSPA is a Polish cosmetics manufacturer and importer of cosmetic ingredients. Our company has been on the market since 1988 and we now offer approximately 500 cosmetics. We cooperate with the following commercial networks in Poland: Auchan, Tesco and E.Leclerc. Additionally, BINGOSPA products are available in online shops, drug stores and cosmetic shops, beauty and SPA salons, We are the leader of Polish slimming concentrates online sales. Our cosmetics are also abroad: in the USA, Great Britain, Italy, Portugal, Cyprus, Kuwait, Iraq, Iceland, Romania, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Lithuania.

BINGOSPA cosmetics consist mainly of natural raw materials, plant extracts and rare fragrance compositions originating from all over the world.

We specialize in anti-wrinkle, slimming, anti-age cosmetics and bath – therapeutic salts. We offer specially designed treatments as well as cosmetics based on original recipes and the best ingredients: cinnamon, caffeine, collagen, L-carnitine, argan oil, hyaluronic acid, algae, orange peel, chilli extract, Dead Sea mud and salt, citrus stem cells etc

The main advantage of BINGOSPA is that we offer our distributors the best prices with high margin for benchmark-quality products. Our cosmetics range for body, face, hair, feet and hand care are dedicated and effective for all specific health and beauty needs.

We can both offer our items on exclusivity arrangements and manufacture cosmetics under private label. We are also open to other forms of cooperation.

Our cosmetics are manufactured according to GMP standards and they all have been tested and registered in Cosmetic Products Notification Portal as required by the European Union


1. Goods offered: Health and beauty cosmetics

2. Company name:

BINGOSPA POLSKA G.Babaniec P.Grabowski M.Szpakowski Sp.J.

26-652 Milejowice, Al.Kasztanowa 24, Poland ( VAT reg. nr PL7960034792 )

3. Contact person name: Jacek Jaśkiewicz – Business Development Director

4. E-mail address:

5. Cell phone number: +48 515 044 240

6. Postal address (landline telephone and fax numbers):

26-652 Milejowice, Al. Kasztanowa 24, Poland

Tel. +48 48 331 41 62 , fax. + 48 48 331 41 62 7. Website address: online shop ( in English version ):