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medical university of bialystok (mub), study medicine n poland,


Medical University of Bialystok (MUB) is a modern, dynamically developing Polish, public university, whose mission is to provide the best education for medical staff. The number of 115 titular professors and 153 associate professors for almost 800 academic teachers, gives one of the highest rates and places the University at the forefront of all universities in Poland. The university has an ultra-modern scientific-didactic base, which includes: a modern University Clinical Hospital, Euro-regional Pharmacy Center, Didactic and Scientific Center of the Faculty of Health Sciences, Clinical Research Center, Experimental Medicine Center, Innovation Research Center, Bioinformatics Center and Data Analysis, Molecular Imaging Laboratory and Medical Simulation Center.

Currently, about 5000 students study in 15 medical fields, including almost 400 students in English Division.

The headquarters of the University is in Bialystok (north-east part of Poland) in the eighteenth-century Baroque Palace and located in the city center. University campus, educational buildings, two clinical hospitals, student dormitories and sports facilities are in a very short distance. For years, all nationwide rankings have pointed to the Medical University of Bialystok as the best academic university in this part of Poland. Official website:


Study Medicine in English ! Faculty of Medicine with the Division of Dentistry and Division of Medical Education in English offers the course of Medicine in English (6-year MD program)

The Faculty of Medicine has got the longest history in the Medical University in Białystok. It was established at the same time as the Doctor’s Academy in Białystok. The 6-year medical training program in English started in 2004.

The Faculty is authorized to grant the degree of Doctor - Ph.D in Medical Sciences and the degree of Doctor (Ph.D) Habilitated in Medicine, Medical Biology and Dentistry.

In the Faculty the teaching, research as well as diagnostic and treatment processes are provided by 69 organizational units such as 26 departments, 40 clinics, 2 study centers and 2 independent laboratories.


Admission Requirements:,8982/Admission_requirements


Tuition and Fees:,8984/Tuition_and_Fees_


Syllabuses & Courses description:,9027/Courses_description_-_Syllabuses


For more information:

Medical University of Bialystok

Kilinskiego 1, 15-089 Bialystok

English Division Dean`s Office

Phone/fax: +48 85 686 5223, +48 85 748 5788, +48 85 686 5123 e-mail: WWW:




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